We Have the King Salmon!

At Kodiak Lodge we pride ourselves on being experts at catching King Salmon in the saltwater. Certainly there are many places and captains in Alaska that are excellent at putting Kings in the net. What sets us apart at Kodiak Lodge from most places is liberal bag limits, and availability of fish all summer. In addition, the calm waters and beautiful weather allow us to go more places to find them.

The first of many King Salmon landed on this angler’s trip!

Liberal Limits

Saltwater regulations around Kodiak Island allow any licensed angler to retain 2 King Salmon per day, with no annual limit. This is in contrast to most places on the West Coast that have limits of 1 King per day. Some areas having a total limit of 1 King per season! Some other areas in Alaska are more liberal at 5 per year. If you enjoy eating Kings as much as we do, this is a great way to stock up for the year.

A limit of King Salmon by 10am? Now it’s time for some bottom fish!

Lots of King Salmon

Kodiak Island sits at the top of the Gulf of Alaska in some of the most nutrient rich waters of the North Pacific.  As a result we get Kings from all over the West Coast coming to our maritime pastures to feed. This gives us opportunity to catch Kings all year (even in the fall) and doesn’t limit our season based on the migration to their natal streams. That being said our best King fishing occurs in June and July when limits are the norm.

Come see for yourself why Kodiak is one of the best saltwater King Salmon destinations out there. Give us a call to book 4+ people for a trip between June 15th and July 5th and we’ll knock 10% off! Special pricing ends March 15th, so don’t delay. We hope to see you up there!

NINES for 12 days of Christmas!

NINES for 12 days of Christmas!

Kodiak Lodge is situated on the “nice” side of Kodiak Island in Larsen Bay. The reason it is the “nice” side is because it gets more warm, sunny days throughout the summer than most places in coastal Alaska. When people ask what the weather is like days before they come up, we usually reply “Sunny & 70” and it’s the truth! For that reason our Captains wear quality sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun’s rays and their reflection off the water. We have partnered with NINES Optics to provide our Captains with Polarized High Performance Sunglasses for the upcoming season. To keep in the giving spirit of the holidays, we will be giving away a pair of NINES Polarized High Performance Glass Lens sunglasses for every trip booked this December, a $159 per person value!


NINES Optics offers Polarized High Performance Glass & Polycarbonate lenses with multiple frame & lens colors to choose from. The glasses feature Nirtech Technology that not only blocks Ultra Violet, but also Infrared light.  To learn more about their lens technology click here. Here are some recommendations from our Captains:

  • Blue Mirror Glass lenses are the best choice for saltwater fishing as the open water produces a lot of glare. This lens is the darkest and offers the most protection from UV & IR light.
  • Glass is the preferred lens material in saltwater as it is highly scratch resistant. Dried saltwater residue on other lens materials will quickly scratch the lenses because of the abrasive nature of the salt.
  • Amber lenses are best for river fishing, as it has great contrast for sight fishing. They are also the best all-around for a variety of activities or driving.
  • You will appreciate the eye protection from the reflection off all the chrome on our boats…

Come on up and enjoy the beautiful weather next summer while catching a variety of fish on calm waters. Just be sure to remember some sunscreen!

Black Friday-Cyber Monday Fishing Special

We are offering a super Black Friday-Cyber Monday Booking Special for the 2019 Fishing season. Book a 5 day/6 night package and get it for the same price as a 4 day/5 night package, an $800 value per person! These are our most popular packages, but now they are the same price for a limited time.

Come join us for spectacular salmon and bottom fish in summer 2019.  For the best King Salmon fishing June and July offer the best opportunity, but we have them available all season.  The King Salmon limit in Kodiak saltwater is 2/day, with no annual limit! Kodiak Island Silver Salmon are world renowned for their size and abundance, August is best for saltwater fishing while September offers the best freshwater fishing. We catch Halibut and a variety of Rockfish all season with Trophy Lingcod available after July 1st. Our fishing is some of the best in Alaska.

Our packages include comfortable, private rooms and fresh, local cuisine, with dinner’s main course caught fresh that day. Both of our boats have experienced captains and high quality Daiwa tackle so you have the best fishing experience possible. All fish processing is included, which includes vacuum-sealing and flash freezing of your catch each day. Please check out our rates page for details on package pricing and what each package includes.

We have limited dates available with only a couple of prime spots left and the deadline is November 26th. Last time we did a Black Friday-Cyber Monday Fishing Special all of our prime spots got booked up, so don’t delay. If you have any questions please feel free to email or call us at (833) 2KODIAK!

Kodiak Fishing Report

Exciting news for Kodiak Lodge! We will be open for the 2019 season offering the same high quality fishing trips as before, as well as offering hunting opportunities in the fall. Contact us today to reserve the best dates!

A couple of things that should be noted regarding the lodge. First is, Kodiak Lodge is still the same great place with the same beautiful & comfortable accommodations. Some folks may see headlines on a Google search regarding a “Kodiak Lodge Fire” and assume it was our lodge. It was not our place, but a different lodge on Kodiak Island.

Second, Kodiak Lodge is still the same great place with some awesome updates since our 3 year hiatus began in 2016. We now have possibly the best fish processing operation of any lodge on Kodiak Island with a 200 sq ft indoor fish cleaning area. Our fishing has remained excellent. Even with the reports of poor fishing throughout most of Alaska, our tough days of fishing still provide many pounds of delicious fillets for our guests to take home.

All of us here at Kodiak Lodge are excited to be once again spending more time at the lodge and sharing it with customers, old and new. Hope to see you up there!