What to Expect

Get ready to experience an adventure of a lifetime at Kodiak Lodge!

Upon your arrival into Larsen Bay around 6:00pm, you’ll be met by a member of our staff at the airport landing strip ready to take you and your luggage back to the lodge. After a short 2-minute ride through the village we will help you get your luggage to your well appointed room. Once you’ve settled in, our dining room has appetizers ready for you to enjoy as you take in the beautiful waterfront view from the deck. Before dinner the crew will give an orientation on what to expect during your stay with fishing reports, limits, and general information to make your trip enjoyable.

Our regular fishing day starts out with breakfast served at 6:30am. Lunch is set out for everyone to grab before heading for a full day of fishing. The guides are ready at the boats in the harbor at 7am, which is only 200 yards from our lodge. Fishing is based on what everyone on the boat wants to do, but isn’t limited to a single species as we can target multiple species in the same day. Boats are back at the dock no later than 5pm so we can process your catch for the day. Once back at the lodge, appetizers are waiting in the dining room to enjoy with dinner ready by 7pm by our incredible chef. We are a small operation so our schedule can be flexible to your group’s needs, after all it is your vacation.

On the morning of your departure breakfast is usually around 7am to give everyone a chance to pack their luggage before departing. Your flash frozen catch is packed into 50# insulated fish boxes for the journey back home. Once the plane is near, the crew takes you up to the landing strip to meet your plane.

Our weather is generally pleasant with more warm, sunny days than most parts of coastal Alaska. That being said, it is still coastal Alaska and we do still get periods of rain, fog and wind. Fog and wind can change the best laid plans. Windy days won’t prevent us from going fishing, it just limits the places where we can safely and effectively fish. Fog and high winds can delay flights into and out of Larsen Bay or Kodiak. For this reason it is best to buy trip insurance to cover any costs incurred due to weather delays.

For more information, please be sure to check out our FAQ page.