Kodiak Lodge is located on Kodiak Island in the small village of Larsen Bay which is approximately 60 air miles from Kodiak City.  There are no direct flights from the lower 48 into Kodiak City however, so all trips go through Anchorage (airport code ANC), with continuing service to Kodiak City (airport code ADQ).

There are two options to get into our location in Larsen Bay.  The most common and least expensive way is to book a flight to Kodiak City with your airline.  From the west coast, Alaska Airlines,, has the most options.  Once you arrive into Kodiak City, you’ll walk out of the airport and go directly across the parking lot to Island Air,  They will have your reservation for your short 25 minute flight to Larsen Bay.

The other option is to charter a private flight from Anchorage directly to Larsen Bay.  Flight time is a little over an hour but the costs are significantly higher.  If you’d like more information on scheduling a private charter, please contact our reservation office and we can provide you with a list of carriers that we use.  For those clients flying private, please note that jets cannot land in Larsen Bay as its a gravel runway.

Our trip packages always refer to full days of fishing, unlike many lodges in Alaska that consider 1/2 days of arrivals and departures as fishing days.  For example, a 3 day / 4 night trip would be:

Day 1 – Arrival into Larsen Bay around 6:00pm

Day 2 – Fish

Day 3 – Fish

Day 4 – Fish

Day 5 – Depart Larsen Bay around 8:30am

We don’t have any set arrival or departure days, so you have the ability to book your trip for whatever days of the week work best for you!  Please contact our reservations office to help with any travel arrangements you need.