Our Crew

Josh Leach

Josh Leach / Lodge Manager & USCG Guide

Josh has guided for Kodiak Lodge 14 of the last 16 years and is a wealth of knowledge regarding the local area. Nicknamed “Super Guide” his experience and energy for catching fish is hard to match. He is dedicated to making every person that he fishes or hunts with have their very best trip possible.

Jennifer Forney / CHEF

Jennifer has been our chef at Kodiak Lodge for the past 5 seasons. She grew up spending summers in Larsen Bay and knows the area well. Each day she will prepare delicious meals using fresh caught seafood and local produce. Her energy and positive attitude are contagious.

Scott Harris / USCG Captain, Guide

Scott has been guiding from Larsen Bay since 2005. Don’t let his easy-going demeanor fool you, he is one of the hardest working guides you will come across, making every day on the water fun and productive.

Don Maschmedt / Owner

Don is always looking for ways to improve the experience for our guests and welcomes all feedback and ideas.  He can be reached directly at (206) 920-7745 or donm@maschmedt.com