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Kodiak Island has hundreds of streams that fill with returning salmon every summer. Whether you want to target tasty Red salmon, hard fighting Chum salmon, feisty Pink salmon or aggressive Silver salmon there are multiple options not far from the lodge. To add to the variety there are Dolly Varden available in each of the streams all season and Steelhead in a couple of streams late in the season. Timing for each species is paramount to success.

Red Salmon

Red salmon, or Sockeye, only spawn in rivers fed by lakes, which limits the available streams that get these runs. We have access to one of the largest runs on Kodiak Island in the Karluk River. The Karluk is unique in that it gets returning Reds from June-September with peaks at the end of June and end of August. There are other opportunities available that are accessed by float plane.

These are arguably one of the best tasting salmon, but catching them can be a challenge as they aren’t known for being aggressive biters. Drifting small flies in shallow, fast water is the best method for catching them.

Chum Salmon

Chum Salmon, also known as Dog Salmon, are possibly the hardest fighting salmon for their weight. Many rods have been broken due to anglers under estimating the strength these fish have. There aren’t many rivers around Kodiak that get runs of Chums, but we have access to a river a short boat ride away that fills up with them the month of July.

Not revered as good table fare, their hard fighting nature makes them great sport. They are susceptible to a range of brightly colored flies and jigs.

Pink Salmon

Pink Salmon, or Humpy’s, are very plentiful around Kodiak, spawning in any available trickle of freshwater. They often show up the beginning of July and will be in the rivers until September. Often times they can be caught off the beach in front of the lodge or at the mouth of the creek in the middle of the village.

Even though they are the highest poundage caught in the commercial fleet, table fare is not near as high as Reds or Silvers. That being said, they make great sport on light tackle and are willing biters on anything pink. These are a great fish to try your hand at fly fishing for.

Silver Salmon

Silver Salmon, or Coho, are a prized catch. They are plentiful in most rivers around Kodiak, and are known to grow big around the island. Catches pushing 20 pounds are not uncommon every season. We have three rivers we like to target them near the lodge starting the last few days of August through September. Other options are available via float plane.

These fish have it all going for them; aggressive biters, hard fighters and delicious. Having days where you need to rest after catching multiple Silvers in a row is not uncommon. Silvers are very aggressive and will bit a wide range of flies and lures in a variety of water types, but prefer deep slow pools.


Steelhead runs are limited around Kodiak Island, but we have access to the best one. The Karluk River has the best run of steelhead on the island and is best fished the month of October.

Steelhead are majestic fish that run and jump like nothing else in the river. They are revered as a premier game fish for good reason. They are willing biters on a multitude of flies and lures.