Saltwater Fishing

The fishing, it’s what we do!

Come fish some of the most productive water Alaska has to offer. Our USCG licensed guides with over 30 years of combined experience will put you in the prime spots for huge kings, feisty silvers, monster halibut and a host of rockfish species. Custom designed 29’ North River Seahawk Walk-Around boats are perfect for getting you in the best waters to catch fish.  If you want to fill your fish box, we are experts at giving you a variety of fish for your freezer. Your catch is always bled and iced to ensure the very best table fare.

Unlike other places in Alaska, we fish relatively calm waters with short boat rides to the prime fishing. Most days involve targeting multiple species with limits the rule.

King Salmon

Kings are our specialty! Generous limits of 2 Kings per day with no annual limit set us apart from the rest of Alaska. They are available all season with the best fishing in June and July with average fish 15-20lbs and occasional fish over 40lbs. We target them by both jigging with light spinning tackle or trolling depending on the conditions. On the table, King salmon is the absolute favorite of the crew.


Kodiak Halibut fishing is some of the best in Alaska. Our halibut waters are relatively shallow and a short run from the lodge. Many times, we catch halibut while fishing for salmon, but prefer to target them using a variety of jigs fished on the bottom. Average fish are in the 20-40lb range, but fish over 100lbs are caught every season. The chef’s Halibut fish & chips are a crowd pleaser every week.

Silver Salmon

Kodiak Island is known for its oversized Silver salmon. Starting in July and running through mid-September in the saltwater, catching Silvers can be absolute chaos. Generous limits of 5 Silvers per day, and voracious feeding habits make Silvers some of the most exciting fish to catch in our waters. Over the course of the season the Silvers grow from an average of 6lbs in July, to over 15lbs by late August with fish pushing 20lbs caught every season. If conditions allow, we prefer to catch them on light spinning tackle and jigs, but will resort to trolling if needed. The mild flavor and firm, red flesh make Silvers premier table fare.


A variety of Rockfish are available, whether the beautiful and tasty Yelloweye or swarms of hungry Black Rockfish, there are abundant numbers to catch. Jigs or swimbaits are used either on light spinning gear in shallow water or conventional gear in deeper water. They are an awesome fish on the plate, with firm, sweet, white meat.


Dragons of the deep, the large head and mouth filled with fang-like teeth make these one of the coolest fish in our waters. The season opens July 1st, and is always met with excitement to target these great fish. Jigging around large underwater rockpiles is how we target them, catching Lings up to 50lbs every season. Light, flaky make these fish excellent eating.