We have the king salmon

Date: February 19, 2020

At Kodiak Lodge we pride ourselves on being experts at catching King Salmon in the saltwater. Certainly there are many places and captains in Alaska that are excellent at putting Kings in the net. What sets us apart at Kodiak Lodge from most places is liberal bag limits, and availability of fish all summer. In addition, the calm waters and beautiful weather allow us to go more places to find them.

Liberal Limits
Saltwater regulations around Kodiak Island allow any licensed angler to retain 2 King Salmon per day, with no annual limit. This is in contrast to most places on the West Coast that have limits of 1 King per day. Some areas having a total limit of 1 King per season! Some other areas in Alaska are more liberal at 5 per year. If you enjoy eating Kings as much as we do, this is a great way to stock up for the year.

Lots of King Salmon
Kodiak Island sits at the top of the Gulf of Alaska in some of the most nutrient rich waters of the North Pacific. As a result we get Kings from all over the West Coast coming to our maritime pastures to feed. This gives us opportunity to catch Kings all year (even in the fall) and doesn’t limit our season based on the migration to their natal streams. That being said our best King fishing occurs in June and July when limits are the norm.